As the “Moroccan Hollywood,” Ouarzawood offers production teams stunning outdoor sets such as oases, casbahs, valleys, mountains and dunes, all in an exceptional climate where the sun shines more than 300 days a year!

Thanks to the numerous films shot in Ouarzazate (feature-length films, reportages and documentaries), qualified and affordable crews are available, as well as a multiethnic population to work as extras.

Ouarzazate has an international airport located just 8 km from the studios, as well as excellent healthcare facilities and the world-class Atlas and CLA Studios. It also offers a range of sets in styles including Roman, Egyptian, Biblical or Asian.

All these don’t-miss features come at a competitive price (30 to 50% of global cost) and provide reliable quality for your shoot.

Morocco has attracted many international productions in its various regions, thanks to :

  • The active and efficient involvement of the Moroccan Cinematographic Center
  • Rapid approval for production permits
  • An advantageous geographic location
  • A warm and temperate climate
  • Competitive costs
  • High-quality technical teams
  • A multitude of diverse exterior sets
  • On-site availability of a range of technical equipment
  • Coproduction agreements with numerous countries
  • VAT exemption for all purchases of goods and services in Morocco
  • Discounts granted by the national airline for the transport of people and goods
  • Excellent assistance from all the Kingdom’s official bodies: the Royal Armed Forces (land, air and water); the Royal Gendarmery; and National Security.