CLA Studios’ 3 built-out sets are unique and perfectly adapted to tourist visits, team building, cocktail hours, luncheons and dinners:

    • The Jerusalem set: in a record time of 3 months, some 600 craftspeople worked together to create this enormous set, which has been used in several well-known movies and TV series such as “Kingdom of Heaven”, “Prince of Persia”, “Game of Thrones”, etc. It was the site of several battles involving thousands of soldiers. Tourists and event participants have all been delighted and impressed by the size, beauty, and construction quality of this structure, which is one of the largest cinema sets in the world.
    • The Kasbah set: This set is an exact reproduction of an old-fashioned Berber village. With its multiple towers, winding streets and homes, everyone who comes there, whatever the reason for their visit, can travel through time and space.
    • The Ben Hur Boat set: This set is so realistic that inside the galley, you will feel like you can hear the cracks of whips, the shouting of leaders and the groaning of the enslaved sailors. That’s the reason many productions since Ben Hur have chosen this set for their shoots.

CLA Studios makes its sets, installations, and above all its expertise available to visiting tourists as well as to businesses and to event-planning agencies.